Viable. By definition means something feasible. Something capable of working successfully. Viable or viability in itself seems something almost absolute. That being said the most “viable” options are not always the best to take. Some times there is a inherent risk that must be taken. A risk so great it can cause everything to come crashing down. A risk that could mean the end of whatever you are deducing for, yet that would make the reward quite substantial. This is often the difference between a growing company and a failing one. They took every viable option only to come up short in the end. I am sure you have heard this before. On that same coin just on the opposite side you hear the wonderful story or a huge risk, a..less viable option if you will. That for lack of better words became the biggest success story you never heard. That’s right never heard. Often once success is found we start to hold on to it with a death grip often only coining the most viable option. No risk no reward they say. But I am not here to tell you to always risk everything. Sometimes the viable option is the best route to take. For instance! You are in a blizzard and run out of gas. You can only think of 2 possible outcomes which is to stand outside swinging your arms in the blistering cold hoping your faith in humanity will be restored, or you stay in your warm car with the hazard lights on and use your cellular device to contact a loved one. I think I would go with the more viable option there. Its all about balance. Life is a perpetual balance we all try to maintain and figure out. However, balance itself is not viable.


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  1. here we are, living the other viable option! 😦

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