A Brilliant Plague

I find that sometimes life is a giant redundancy. Wake up, shower go to work, eat lunch, go home, eat dinner, visit for a few hours, and go to bed. Same thing everyday. White picket fences are not silver linings. Nor are they a status quo, they are a brilliant plague. Let me explain. What is it we live for? What is the end goal? For some it is something exciting, for most it is to settle down and be way to careful until you meet the end and become one with nature. Don’t get me wrong I have found the white picket fence life. I live it every day. It is text book. I love my children, my pets and my whiskey filled Monday nights. However, something that nags at me everyday is a sense of adventure. A burning desire to travel, to discover possibilities. However that is so far out of the question. It kills me inside. It made me wonder. Do others feel this way? To have everything you are supposed to work so hard for and still be unfulfilled?Yes they do. Dying slowly it seems. To crush a persons will with out harming them is a brilliant plague. To create a way to live that most will abide by because we are simply lemmings leaping off of a cliff hoping the bottom has something better. A simple path spend our time on. It is low hanging fruit as well I am 24 and own a home have 2 kids a car from this decade and a sales person. I’m over weight and am debatably insecure. I am realizing I am not happy. I wish I could take my family and explore. But one cannot do so with out a flow of,income that exceeds my own. So maybe it was designed to keep the poor poor. Who knows. But, it is brilliant.


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