Undulate Skin

There was a time where I was young. Where she graced the planet with an angelic presence and was smooth as silk. As the sun rises so it must fall and each time a day passes. Her eyes stay as blue the cleanest of oceans, as blue as the sky on a perfect day. Within them was passion and determination unrivaled for we are just mere mortals compared to her. Again, I saw an angel. This has led me to believe that all the religious scripts had never talked about a celestial being…but a woman who was simply breath taking, both in youth and seniority. This woman now old and well put together. Beautiful still, yet the world has taken its toll…time has taken its toll. She skin no longer soft like silk but Undulate and folding slightly. Her hair grey and withering. Yet her aura, her sprit and her eyes remained as young as the day I met her. Today our hands are holding each others again. Just like the previous years. Except this time she will go to where she belongs for age is a beautiful indicator that some off us really were more than just another person. She is now truly an angel.


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